Stickman Legends: Shadow War (MOD, Free Shopping/VIP)

Stickman Legends: Shadow War (MOD, Free Shopping/VIP)


Stickman Legends: Shadow War has made the community of players spinning a long time ago, with military style fighting Attractive graphics and extremely special. Players will be battling with the shadow of the characters. This style has created a new theme for a series of new products. ZITGA PTE is known as a game maker with not too many products, but each of them is exceptionally outstanding and achieved excellent results. Stickman Legends has created a new style. The graphics are a bit like Shadow Fight, but the gameplay and fighting are incredibly different. The game will create an exciting space wide open, causing players to spend more time exploring.

In Stickman Legends, the player will be transformed into Stick guy fighting with zombies, bad guys. The world where Stickman is confronted is a place full of mysterious magic, a mix of little pieces modern and classic. With a series of Stick classes like archers, wizards, ninjas,…choosing the right character is not difficult. However, it is still essential that combat skills, whatever function. If the Shadow Fight, the player must train the ability to fight, Stickman Legends just use appropriate weapon skills. Class of the stickman is shown through their weapons. Therefore, cultivating skills for characters will increase the class’s main strength. The more experience gained, the characters will learn more new skills. Strong, special skills will take a long time to reuse. Therefore, the more flexible use of skills in the retreat will be needed.

The power in Stickman Legends is not limited to any element. Equipping and providing ancillary gears will help the character become stronger up to infinity power if possible. From the completion of the levels and missions, players can own various sets of equipment as well as valuable rewards. Money can be obtained by destroying the monster in the game, using it to upgrade characters extremely effectively. Monsters can completely deal damage to players, so they need continuous attacks, so they do not have space to deal damage. Your blood volume will be kept at a safe level, and the job of earning money will be much easier. The game does not stop at PVE mode, but also PVP. Fighting with friends and other gamers are easier than ever.

The highlight of Stickman Legends is the 3D style of the color is extremely beautiful. For such role-playing RPGs, 3D graphics will make the experience even more authentic. Stickman Legends uses dark shades as their central theme, but they come in a variety of shades. The characters become cooler and more satisfying to the players. The killing effect is extremely spectacular, adventurous, creating a dramatic battle, brandy. The speed of reaction, movement, … is handled extremely well. Epic remixes made the excellent pacing and never turned off the flames of battle.

Sum up
ZITGA PTE can confidently assert, Stickman RPG Legends is a top blockbuster of the last stage of this year. Although not released recently, but the charm of the game still does not decline. Now is the time when this game is released for free, take advantage of this opportunity to compete with your friends. The world arena is always up to date and requires top talent.

MOD Indo

1-A lot of gold for killing
2-The daily reward for watching 1000 videos is increased all in all that a day is offered
3- Energy is not wasted
4-Rapid level increase
5-Increased inventory size to 2 billion))
6-VIP included
7-Free Shopping
8-All heroes are open


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